Roofing Services 

As one of the top residential roofing companies for Harris & Montgomery Counties, All-Pro Roofing offers a wide variety of full roofing repair and replacement services, using only the best materials on the market. Our licensed and insured roofers can fully address any roofing need you have and get it back to perfect condition in no time.  With our experience came knowledge and now we offer commercial roofing services as well. 

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We offer the following roofing services:
Shingle repair & replacement
Roof leak repair
Roof ventilation
Fascia and soffit replacement
Chimney caps
Full roof installation or replacement
Gutter and Leaf Guards

Additional Services:

PBR & Standing Seam
Sheetrock Repair (for leaks)
Deck Repairs and Replacement
Porches Over Decks
Siding Removal
Fence Replacement

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